The Queens Hat Lesson Idea - Take a virtual tour of London!

St Mary's RC Primary School

St Mary's RC Primary School

A mini Big Ben!

A mini Big Ben!

St Mary's RC Primary School went an an actual tour of THE QUEEN'S HAT by visiting each of the landmarks featured in the book!

Back in class, they wrote newspaper articles and even constructed mini versions of each landmark. I think what they've done is absolutely amazing. 

But not everyone can travel to London, so what can you do?

Create a 'virtual' tour of London!

All you need is space on your wall to create a MAP.

Divide your class into groups. Write each landmark on a small piece of paper. Fold up the bits of paper and put them into a HAT. You can allow a pupil from each group to pick a mystery landmark or you can pick them out yourself. Each group can then focus on a landmark.

Just like in the photo above, each group can create a 3D (or 2D) representation of each famous London landmark. And just like St Mary's School, they can write a little piece to go with each landmark.

Needless to say, this is a great project for learning about geography and famous landmarks. But what makes this really enjoyable, is being able to use your imagination and creative skills to turn a guided tour into something really quite spectacular.

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