Selected Reviews


"There is a new pre-school politeness tsar in town. Antony's illustrations are certain to sweeten the sourest readers and the deadpan ending is the jam in the middle of the doughnut." The Times

"It’s a deceptively simple premise that Antony imbues with surprise and visual interest..." The New York Times

"A cute moral message... 5 out of 5" The Sun

"The Queen's Hat highlighted Antony as a hot new talent, and this, his third book, will win him more fans." The Bookseller


"Steve Antony applies the picture book formula to it's magic best." The Daily Telegraph

"A tribute to the virtues of patience." The Daily Express

"...young readers will find Mr Panda funny..." Kirkus

"Playful and bold as its treatment is, this book offers an easy, safe means to talk about the idea of war..." The Guardian

"A visually entertaining story of war and peace." Kirkus

"...thought-provoking and quirkily illustrated." The Bookseller

"Comically unorthodox, witty tale..." The Wall Street Journal

"... this picture book is hard to beat for its sweet simplicity and charming monochromatic drawings.." The Times

"Beautifully and simply illustrated." Daily Mirror

"A great introduction to London, royalty, and all that makes Britain great." The Sun

"...a timely picture-book treasure." Amanda Craig

"Every British household needs a copy, whether or not you’re George’s, William’s or Charles’s generation." The Book Bag

"Steve Antony's creative talent is one to follow." Books for Keeps

"The real delight lies in spotting the jokes hidden in the scenes of ever-increasing pandemonium." London Evening Standard

"Just as enchanting (as The Queen's Hat)." Daily Express

"A brilliant companion title." The Bookseller

"Brilliantly British." The Book Bag


"...speaks to the foot-stamping, banana-gobbling toddler in all of us."  The New York Times

"Teachers and parents of short-fused toddlers will read this over and over." Kirkus

"Antony understands pacing and rhythm, and his gentle black lines capture Betty's emotions with a few deft strokes." Publishers Weekly

"Cue knowing sighs from parents everywhere..." The Bookseller

"Guaranteed giggles." Inis Magazine

"...a perfect bedtime story for babies and toddlers who struggle to settle to bed." Books For Keeps