Please Mr Panda Story Time Idea - Design a colourful doughnut chain to hang in your class!

This is another fun, easy-to-do class activity. Once you've finished reading Please Mr Panda, together you can create a colourful chain of doughnuts to hang in your class.

Simply prepare the doughnuts ready for your class and put them in a tray, a bit like Mr Panda's tray. That way pupils take turns picking a doughnut to decorate. You could even ask "Would you like a doughnut?" just like Mr Panda.

And then you can use whatever you have in your class to decorate the doughnuts with. Some teachers use paints. Others use shapes and stickers. The creative teachers at Broadwater Primary School used all sorts of things (pictured above).

Half an hour or so later, your class will have produced a colourful array of doughnuts! And when they're not around, tape all of the doughnuts onto a ribbon and hang them up in your class (or reading corner) ready for when they arrive the next day!

Check out this amazing chain of doughnuts made by Broadwater Primary School, which was tweeted by Fritha, a parent of one of the pupils. 

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