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After taking redundancy from a call-centre, I pursued my dream job. Five years later, I've written and illustrated 16 picture books, won numerous awards and toured the UK, USA, Italy and Taiwan. I illustrated Tim Minchin's When I Grow Up from his hit musical Matilda and illustrated a cover of The Famous Five. I'm a proud patron of Swindon Libraries and recently designed a new children's library card for them. I am red-green colourblind, which has influenced the way I work.

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Latest News

1st Nov 2018 - Publication of Drawing Europe Together
14th Oct 2018 - Mr Panda TV Deal Press Release
5th Oct 2018 - Steve teams with NLT and WHSmiths for Swindon Stories
6th Sept 2018 - The Queen's Lift-off UK publication
28th Aug 2018 - Goodnight, Mr Panda Publishes in the USA
10th July 2018 - Steve to headline Scholarshare Children's Book Festival
15th June 2018 - Release of Mr Panda's Colours and Mr Panda's Feelings

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Class Activities 


From making hats to 'baking' doughnuts, teachers from the UK to Australia have invented fun lesson plans and creative activities based on my books. I have dedicated much of this website to sharing their fantastic lesson ideas. I have indicated a recommended age group next to each lesson based on my experience from school events, but you can tailor them for just about any age group. These ideas might also be useful for librarians and booksellers, too!

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My Library

As Patron of Swindon Libraries Children's Reading Services I regularly meet with my local librarians to brainstorm fun and creative ways to help encourage children to engage with their local library. In 2017, I held two art contests across all 15 libraries. I am currently planning more with Swindon Libraries. Above is the children's library card I recently designed for Swindon Borough. I will post upcoming events in due course. 

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Fan Art


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When I Grow Up

Collaborating with Tim Minchin and adapting his song, When I Grow Up from Matilda the Musical, into a picture book was a dream and my first time illustrating a book I hadn't written. For the launch Tim and I performed at Leicester Square Theatre and posed in the window at Waterstones Piccadilly (above). Press the link below to see all related blog posts (lots of behind the scenes stuff) or visit Tim Minchin's When I Grow Up webpage.

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Amazing 2019

A boy teaches his pet dragon, Zibbo, how to laugh, sing, fly, and swing. They are good, bad, happy and sad together. They are just like everyone else. This is the premise for Amazing, a book I'm working on. I'm incredibly passionate about this one because I feel there isn't enough 'incidental inclusion' in picture books. The story was inspired by my time working as a Special Needs Support Worker.

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My Artwork