Mr Panda Yoga Classes Rolled Out in the UK

Today, the first Mr Panda yoga classes will take place across the UK.

The craze started in California, and now it's set to take the UK by storm. As of today, no less than 1,546 UK gyms will start holding Mr Panda yoga classes.

Each class will be led by Mr Panda, and you'll be stretching to the sound of doughnut themed songs, like 'I Would Do Anything for Doughnuts' by Nutloaf and 'Donut Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McDough and 'Ice Me Baby' by Vanilla Icing.  If that doesn't wet your appetite, low-fat baked doughnuts will be handed out at the end of each class. Quote PLEASE for your first free session.

Have fun!

Tweet or Instagram and tag all your 'panda yoga' antics with #MrPandaYoga to @MrSteveAntony for a chance of winning a signed copy of PLEASE MR PANDA.

Check out these of photos of Mr Panda Yoga from around the world.

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