Guernsey, here I come!

I'm heading off to Guernsey tomorrow morning to take part in a weeklong celebration of children's books, otherwise known as CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK! My schedule is crammed with school & library visits, panel events and even a spot on BBC radio. 

Every year, the school's library service arrange for a number of authors and illustrators to visit all Guernsey schools to talk about their work, and, this year, I'm one of them! And I'm in great company, too! Tommy Donbavand, author of the Scream Street series (soon to be a TV series) and many other books, including Fangs, Vampire Spy, and Teacher Ate My Brains, will also be making the school rounds, and so will Nick Cook, the author of over 40 gaming titles as well as two books on storm chasing: Cloud Riders and Breaking Storm. 

It's set to be an exciting and eventful week. Right, I had better start packing!

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