Betty Goes Bananas Contest Entries and Winners

"Cue knowing sighs from parents everywhere..." The Bookseller

"Cue knowing sighs from parents everywhere..." The Bookseller

Today BETTY GOES BANANAS IN HER PYJAMAS is published, which means it's time to announce the two winners of my 'Draw Betty' contest and post all 39 entries! Each winner will receive a signed copy of BETTY GOES BANANAS IN HER PYJAMAS.

Thank you to Daily Doodle for setting the 'draw Betty' challenge on Twitter. It's been so fun seeing all of the wonderful and wacky Betty drawings on my Twitter feed.

Without further ado, here are the entries, followed by the winners! All of the entries came via Twitter, so I've embedded each twitter post, so that you can easily visit (and follow) each talented entrant.




CONGRATULATIONS Alejandra Tilve and Fiona Lumbers!

Alejandra, I love the fun concept of your illustration.

Fiona, Teddy's drawing of Betty is absolutely adorable.

Please send your address details to, and a signed copy of BETTY GOES BANANAS IN HER PYJAMAS will be sent to you!

THANK YOU to everyone that took part! They're all fantastic! I honestly wish I could pick more winners, as I know that a lot of time has gone into these drawings.

Please look out for other contests. Those of you who already follow me on Twitter will know that I hold regular contests there. Also, if you don't already, follow Daily Doodle for daily sketching fun!