National Libraries Day at Royal Wootton Bassett Library & 3 Reasons Why I Love Libraries

Happy National Libraries Day!

I love the library for many reasons, but here are just three.

Reason 1. Everyone is welcome! And whether you like reading about vampires, pirates or princesses; or learning new skills; or solving mysteries - there is something for everybody!

Reason 2. Librarians: the heart and soul of the library. Their passion for and knowledge of books is invaluable. Even if you don't know what you're looking for, they'll find it.

Reason 3. The books are free (as long as you return them on time)! When I was a kid I would go to the library every week without fail. I didn't always read all of the books I borrowed (and I still don't) but there was, and still is, something very satisfying about walking out with a stack of books.

Today I went to Royal Wootton Basset Library to hold an interactive story event. What a brilliant library! Those guys in Royal Wootton Basset are very lucky.

How cool was it to see 'Betty Goes Bananas', 'The Queen's Hat' and 'Please Mr Panda' in the library? Very. The novelty will never ware off.

We read books and drew pictures. A friend of mine did take some photos of the event. Here are a few.