Hoo's Kids Book Fest

...was awesome.

I met lots of really cool people. Twitter buddies, authors and illustrators, the friendly bunch behind the Hoo's Festival, the talented bunch that came to my 'The Queen's Hat' event and those that came to the book tent for signings, and Miffy. And it was great to catch up with Team Hodder and friends.

Upon arrival, I heard someone holler "Steve!" as I was heading off in the completely wrong direction. It was Steven Lenton. It was nice to see a familiar face so soon in the day. We headed straight towards Clara Vulliamy's event. In the Green Room I met with some of the friendly festival organisers and chatted with Zoom Rockman and his family. Then Alex T Smith and Hannah Marks arrived with the Carl Hart (and a bunch of other friendly book folk) which led to more chatting. All of this chit-chatter was a much needed distraction from my nerves. After all, it was my very first event at a festival.

There were so many fun things going on at the event! I noticed a bunny taking children on some sort of magical adventure, a monster stomping about, lots of face painting, and loads of books (of course). 

The setting was magical, and everyone looked as though they were having such a good time. I really wish I had taken more photos, but lucky for me, my publisher was at hand to take some photos of my event. 

I really enjoyed my event. The audience were fantastic, and it was great to see (and HEAR) the children respond to my book. I think my favourite bits were when the children shouted out "BUTLER!" whenever they spotted the Queen's loyal friend who's hidden on almost every page of the book. The crown making seemed to go down well to Lots of very creative crowns were made. My corgi drawing was a little dodgy, and one of the children rightly pointed out that it looked more like a pig.

I had a wonderful time. Thanks Hoo's Kids Book Fest, and thanks to those who came. I only wish I allowed myself more time to see some of the other events.