Hold on to your hat!

`red arrows british queens hat

My debut outing into the wonderful world of picture books will be 'The Queen's Hat', published by Hodder Children's Books. I've had great fun with this book, and I intend to keep on having fun with it. So, for the lead up to the launch date, May 1st, I will be counting down the days by posting some rather amusing images of things that happened outside of the book - and I can't tell you how brilliant it's been to really indulge myself in this Great British Countdown! I won't give anything away just yet, so you'll just have to watch this space. If you don't already, follow me on Twitter and Facebook, as I'll be using the hashtag #TQHcountdown to mark each of these posts.


In other news, I've got some fun events already planned for May, including one at the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts and one at Hoo's Kids Book Fest! I'll post more on that a bit later though. Cheerio for now!