20 Things to Spot in THE QUEEN'S HANDBAG

Prepare yourself for a rollicking race around the United Kingdom, because a dastardly swan has just swooped off with the Queen's handbag! 

This book is jam-packed with visual humour. It features some of the UK's most celebrated and iconic landmarks. But it also features lots of things that you may not see at first, like the box-holding butler on almost every page. 

Here just 20 things to look out for in The Queen's Handbag. But there are lots more...

1. an alien
2. an ice-cream cone
3. Union Jack boxer shorts
4. A cake
5. a spy
6. a selfie
7. A polka-dot parachute
8. a kilt
9. a shamrock
10. a druid
11. An officer dipping his toes in the water
12. A camel
13. two pigeons
14. a mountain goat
15. picnickers
16. the Madhatter's Hat
17. An officer doing a handstand
18. a teddy bear
19. Two police officers playing 'Paper Rock Scissors'
20. The River Thames 

Have fun!! And any guesses what might be in that box the butler is carrying throughout the book?